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Koopol is looKing for a Software Developer / DevOps

At Koopol we are developing the new era of the online monitoring tools. We are working on the "Google of E-Commerce", as the press used to say:

“Track whatever you want, whenever you need, as simply as using Google”.

No more onboarding (that’s old-fashioned), all the data is up-to-date, and there already. Just play with it.

In one platform, users access: prices, availability, and reviews for ALL industries, ALL brands, ALL resellers, and ALL products.

Covering the whole online market, the tool offers infinite strategic values such as: competitors monitoring, catalogue comparison, prices optimization, prices & availability tracking, elasticity studies, market trends detection, etc.

Koopol is backed by private funds, and is based in Charleroi.

Today, we are looking for a new team player to strengthen our technical capabilities.

The ideal candidate will fight for constant product quality both in terms of user experience and technical implementation, as well as software observability, monitoring, and self-healing.

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